Dionysos' Garden; Excursion, 2008

Nils-Thomas Økland

Dionysos' Garden; Excursion, 2008

Mixed media, wood, nylon, foam, speakers, sound, digital photo prints



Fundamental needs such as safety and shelter from external dangers is today fulfilled by the contemporary standard of living we normally reside in.

In all this comfort and safety we sometimes get challenged by contradictory needs to return to something more primitive, primal and ancestral.


Dionysos Garden; Excursion is a kind of study of the ego and the escapist desire to "loose oneself" by seeking, and challenge, nature. The work explores a relational dialogue between man and the nature man inhabits, and mans balancing act between the ambiguous need for both control and liberation.


The work is based on a three days hiking trip in the Dalane region in the south west of Norway. The installation is comprised of sculptural works made with the equipment, such as the tent, sleeping mat and other items used on the hike, in addition to five photographs and a sound recording.


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